Peter Marcus

Peter Marcus is a found​ing mentor ​at FAU’s Tech Runway and ​serves as ​Coach in Residence for Startup Palm Beach. He leads workshops and seminars focused on his coaching methodology and ​publishes the BusinessLife Global Digital library. Peter is a seasoned technology professional with 30+ years of international business experience, a recipient of ​ “product of the year” award from Popular Science in 1997 for the FlatScreenTV.

He​ says, “I am grateful ​to the people I get to work with and the ​businesses they serve, I love what I do and ​continue to ​​bring leadership to my BusinessLife coaching businesses here in North America, in Italy, and in the UK.”

To know Peter Marcus is to know the phrase, “Up Until Now.” Peter flew across the Atlantic in 1976, after building an International trading company. He took the technology world by storm in the 1980’s and 1990’s, in New York City, coining the term “FlatScreen TV” and bringing Plasma TV technology to fruition in 1997. He’s a revolutionary who has called Manchester and London UK, New York, NY, Monterey, CA, home.

Peter has brought his unique insight and experience to countless companies, transitioning from board rooms in huge corporations to coffee shops for start ups. He focuses on team communications and leadership, which he says are the essentials.

“Leadership Development requires standards of excellence across many facets of organizations. To achieve this, leaders must be able to work across diverse sectors and unite teams towards a common (shared) purpose (goal). They must successfully grapple with multiple systems while keeping users at the centre of design, service, and delivery.”

Peter’s way working together with clients is one of listening, and in providing a safe space for openness which promotes direction and coordination to business team growth. By offering honest, thoughtful and respectful feedback along with some humor, compassion and guidance, Peter supports building management teams. He strives to utilize clients’ existing resources, expand thinking, explore ideas and introduce individual skill sets towards the introduction of team greatness.

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