Arlene DeMita Arlene DiMita

Arlene DiMita, Partner, PWC, is the panel moderator for “Achieving Work Life Balance”, Negotiating Success, Navigating the Career Jungle Gym & other Useful Super Powers!” She also serves on ITWomen’s Board of Advisory member

A 15-year resident of South Florida, Arlene leads PwC’s SAP HR Tech Consulting practices. She leads the talent, HCM, and technology change consulting, implementation, and managed support services organization for the PwC SAP HR advisory organization, including global strategy and North American delivery.

Arlene has a broad range of experience in leading HR transformation projects, from vision and strategy through design and implementation. She has more than 20 years of experience in consulting in a range of industries, and launched her career in Boca Raton, at a small start-up firm, Daleen Techologies. She has gone on to successfully lead many global consulting transformations, most recently in her Advisory role at PwC.
Women and Technology Interests

Throughout her career Arlene has been passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and is a passionate advocate for developing the next generation of women leaders in the workforce.
Her past activities include:

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